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About me

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A bit about me

I'm kelley muro. an ios developer and co founder of vue. A video based platform that allows users to see any moment from everyone’s perspective.

this is my personal blog about my experience starting and building vue.

Deepak Bhagya

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kelley muro

I would love to hear from you. if you have questions, comments, thoughts or anything. reach out.

Website: www.vueapp.io
E-mail: kelley@vueapp.io


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Questival hunt!!

Cotopaxi questival!!


Oh Cool, iOS 10

I just downloaded the iOS 10 beta. After playing with it for a few hours I'm anxious to share my thoughts on the some of the latest features available in Apple's iOS 10..

Lock Screen:

At first install you'll notice a difference with how you unlock your phone. Its not the same, which may be frustrating to those iphone users who have gotten so use to swiping to unlock.

 On the home screen the you'll see 3 different swipe screens.

1) Swiping right will take you to your widgets. Widgets have a new look and more apps are "widget-ready" From your lock screen you can see all of your widget; weather, upcoming events, Siri app suggestions, and top stories in Apple News, map destinations, etc.. (showing default widgets)

2) Swiping left will take you straight to the camera. In previous versions the camera was accessible from the lock screen through a camera button accompanied by a vertical swipe. Now iOS 10 has made it a lot easier with a swipe gesture to access the camera.

3) Unlocking your iphone is now a press instead of a swipe. If you have a passcode on your phone you will still have to use that upon pressing the home button. (Touch id still works the same ) That is going to take some getting use to.

Apple Music:

Apple music finally has a menu that allows you to go into your downloaded music. So you aren't accidentally using all of your data. Apple music has a completely different look with bigger buttons, a new layout and in my opinion a completely stress free UX (user experience). It is just flat out easier to use.

The recently added feature on the previous version of Apple Music only showed the last 3 recently added artist to your library. 68 ( as long as my count is correct) recently added artist and playlist display below the main menu screen upon launch. Albums are easier identified as downloaded now.

It still curates songs "For You" Creates playlists and album choices by day now  "Tuesday's Playlist (album)"

You can browse music by various categories as you could before. The whole layout is a lot bigger seems so easy your child could play his or her favorite songs!  Radio functionality remains the same. But the search bar now has recent searches and trending searches. So now your girlfriend can see that one of your recent searches was Rihanna and now you can see that she is trending so you don't have to feel as bad.


One of the more noticeable and most user effected changes is text messages. The name of the recipient now has a new label and when clicked it goes to the contact details. The messaging field has been reduced to have the space it originally owned (can be expanded by pressing into the text field). The other half of that area has been replaced with three different buttons.

1) A camera button that allows you quickly to take a picture or select your most recent photos & videos. (your last 100 photos or videos). You can also quickly access your camera app or photo library by swiping to the right to access those buttons on the left.

2) Cool little tools to draw, and interact with your friends while you're messaging. You can free hand draw, you can even record a video and draw over your face while its recording.  You can also tap and a halo style circle with fade in and dissipate away. Very cool animations and fun when you are recording videos and drawing over your face. Fairly similar to something snapchat has been doing for years. So thanks Apple for including this feature in our messages.

3) Apple is giving us stickers. Now you can get cool stickers and stick them to a message. In beta right now there isn't a whole lot on the iMessage app Store. But I imagine there will be hundreds more available upon final release of this ios version.

Messages now has tons of stuff. Maybe just as much as some regular users messages with gif keyboards and emjoi apps. So now you arent going to have to have so many different types of keyboards. It will all be by default now. (You will still have to add stickers from the imessage app store)

Next week I will be going over Apple's brand new ad platform. Search Ads.


22 year old life coach

what would you do if you had influence and credibility to do whatever you wanted? what is it you would want?

I feel like I'm my own coach. I agree with vaynerchuk when he references 20 year old kids on the internet trying to be life coaches. When no where in their world have they created anything to give them the credibility or even the experience to coach other people.

I agree that valuable content should be and has been delivered to people for free and/or very cheap (in a very small percentage) I'm not the content judge, but i do scan the internet more than the average person and less than 10% of the content I come across I engage with. I will look at BUULLSH*** content and say "who ever made this thinks this will convert?" or why did they use that image? how much are they spending on this facebook ad? or this instagram ad? but I learn from that. On the surface of these ads you can see the engagement. I dont know their ctr's or their cpc. so learn from good and bad content.

my point though is that people like elon musk, gary vaynerchuk, ryan deiss, and some of these guys are marketers and one is a tech giant, but what they all have in common is that they put out good content for free and/or cheap. Elon has done everything he could to build a consumer electric car at the "tesla" level. He did that and limited only 2 per person because he wants everyone to have one. Daily vee and digital marketer has given me tons of value at no cost but my time.

so i coach myself by seeing patterns and learning from people who have already had success with markets that I want to enter. minus musk. but I do it my way, with my style.



One of the coolest new apps coming out is VUE. It is a video sharing app that combines some pretty cool video elements. It has a pre-edit feature that allows various users to be apart of the same moment and then "revue" their moments together. Seeing every ones point of view from that moment pre-edited from start to finish. Check it out at vueapp.io


line 3

We’re constantly faced with comparisons and distinctions, while our feelings are questioned and afflicted by mostly everyone but ourselves. Having to touch that real wall that separates me, both from world’s most wonderful wonders and word’s most horrible horrors is the hardest thing to do. No safety gazing from a distance, no calmly picturing from afar – but amidst all: be present, face disparity.

As you step out, be ready to feel things. Feel shorter, darker, uglier, smaller, older, worse, poorer and sillier. On a good day, feel sassy – or content in Christmas if you are a masochist. Yet no matter how hard you spent adolescence fighting to upstage Britney Spears, there will always be a better breed. High school sweetheart pop-star will soon be upstaged by avant-garde city girl. And while city girl runs the masses, somewhere in the north lands a Swedish goddess performs to a group of tree, gathered in a golden late-baroque ballroom that has been previously stented by Tilda Swinton herself with Le Lab’s Neroli 36.  It's time; and diligently searching for advice from elder, yet more 'experienced' human beings, this is how I will ready myself for the world that waits for my destruction 6 months from now.


Kickstarter Project: Forever Stronger

Everyone deserves a chance for a better life, Whether it be with their health or even their wealth; everyone deserves to be the best that they can be. Some just need some help.
I want to provide an outlet for people that want to make themselves better. Provide a pathway so that visitors can come to a website and find guidance with things such as health and wealth. 
The current site that i would like to improve on is http://myflpbiz.com/kelleymuro
I would like to add more features so users can come and share experiences and ask questions so that they can help themselves.

Please help fund this project by visiting, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kelleymuro/sronger-health 
and get rewarded for it. 



The Knit Project

3 friends of mine have set out to create sweaters for the new age; urban generation. With seamless design that, a traditional design that looks like grandma's old sweaters. Taking us back to remember the season where we happiness came easy and life was simple.

But we hope to create more than just sweaters, beanies, tshirts and whatever else we can think of. This is just a small introduction to what we are working towards and wanted to show some designs off.


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